Rough Designs

by Manatree

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I’m never all alone with us We keep our old motions up You have heard it all before But every word has hope for us Heal our ancient wounds with all We can hold in cold and rough designs I’ve heard it all before But there’s a greater plan for us First of all I know you won’t Wonder how when this is gone We’ve been walking all around our neighborhood for far too long And that’s not what I forget when I’m alone Something we can hold through the dark Open up my tired, burning Eyes though they can’t see too far Keep away the earnest Every second a new dark Keep my latent, violet Melancholy, sing-song Nothing you can fight, No way to tell the right from wrong I can’t fight what I don’t Know how to find in myself You leave yourself defenseless Every second opens a new door Set apart the truth Won’t you cover up and move with me Keep your point of view In the limelight, won’t you come outside Set apart the truth I survive with what I take with me Keep your point of view And be true to us, Be true to us
Chirp 01:35
Drifting 03:37
Drifting in and out of song Drifting in and out of rigid structures Running round in what I know Try to take the moment like it’s brand new Living near a gaping dark Underneath the noise of fake beginnings I can’t keep our worlds apart Hours turning into dust behind me But don’t you forget about me Years and years run down Voices left in stone Caught up in something else (When you leave behind a path Tired but intact Gone a different way You don’t need to ask It’s all you can say A foot on the ground But that’s a different day A far away sound) When I feel a curtain draw Whenever I know I’m lost I get stuck in older love Something I look back on way too much I don’t know how to figure out What I know from scenes I exit slowly I just keep on walking forth Drifting in and out of song Keep the colors you want You’re not at odds with this With our voices warm You’re not at odds with this
What I know 03:18
Some things just fall apart Just leave the air The quiet ground all around I can’t make sense Of what I know When you’re not there to keep the demons out I don’t need to fight for What I can’t live you You and your emotion Just burn away my doubt Keep my breathing steady When I’m just skin and bones When I can’t be bothered I still make time for you I don’t need to fight for What I can’t live without Put my faith in old homes The time buried in doubt Places I feel frozen May never see again Keep my breathing steady I got all I need
Fast Asleep 03:49
Every second is a forest to me That only leaves a trace I get lost in the bushes and reeds Before I get to save it at all At all Every motion gold Every moment old Under your palms Wrapped up in thought You are always tired or fast asleep Drifting in and out of song Every fiction that I hold Keeps me in the dark But I am ten feet tall I don’t worry at all You get caught in the love you know Never want to leave From what you need to grow Way too caught up This cruel unbelievable world I won’t get it go (Every motion gold Every moment old) And when I feel the blood pushing out The loneliness and doubt The fever-stricken noise Keeping this apart from what I know about The time I’m living for Touched by the spreading dawn Feeling like I’ve been reborn But I won’t leave it alone I will show you eternal love


released March 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Manatree Richmond, Virginia

music for both ears

Jack Mayock
Alex Elder
Jim Burns


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